An incredible experience

The great Tethered Balloon is the most popular product of Aerophile. With its 360 ° view, without noise or shaking, it can take up to 30 passengers for an extraordinary experience. An outdoor flight on a terrace that can be up to 300 meters above sea level.

An unseen tourist attraction

Our great Tethered Balloon is a wonderful tourist attraction, installed in more than 80 places around the world. Our balloon attracts amusement parks, cities, tourist sites or special event organizers who use it to increase their visibility and attendance.

An air quality awareness tool

Using sensors installed on the gondola, the Balloon can collect information with unprecedented precision on the main air pollutants, in order to better understand them and how to reduce them.
You too, educate the general public about the air they breathe so that tomorrow is greener!
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To see and be seen

With its dimensions (22 meters in diameter, 34 meters high), the great Tethered Balloon is a communication object that does not go unnoticed. It offers advertisers the opportunity to shine in the most beautiful cities in the world.

Our advantages :

Air quality sensor

Aerophile goes a step further in the eco-responsible approach and offers the possibility of installing on the great Captive Balloon a sensor for real-time analysis of the air quality in the city. A unique innovation in the world.
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Eco-friendly design and operation

Inflated with helium and powered by an electric winch, the balloon does not consume more energy than an elevator. It is silent and rejects no pollutant.


The balloon is accessible to people in wheelchairs.

Bright at night

The great Tethered Balloon can be equipped with internal lighting, to be seen by all, even after dark.

A customizable envelope

Use the balloon envelope to make your mark shine. Aerophile allows the addition of customizable banners on all balloons.

Technical characteristics :



  • Total height of the balloon: 34 meters (111 feet)
  • Envelope’s diamater: 22.50 meters (72 feet)
  • Envelope’s volume: 6,200 m³ (200,000 cubic feet)
  • Nominal lifting: 4,800 kg (10,560 lbs)
  • Helium loss: less than 70 m³ per month (2,470 cubic feet/month)
  • Useful pressure in the envelope: up to 900 Pa


  • Made of composite materials and aluminium
  • Exterior diameter: 5.80 meters (19 feet)
  • Floor area: 13 m² (140 square feet)
  • Weight: 850 kg (1,870 lbs)


  • Diameter: 22 mm (approx. 0,9 inch)
  • Resistance to breaking: 45 tons (99,000 lbs)
  • Useful length: up to 300 meters (984 feet)

Remote winch house

  • Dimensions: 4m x 2.2m x 1.5m high (13,1 feet x 7,2 feet x 5 feet height)
  • Weight: 6 tons (13,200 lbs)
  • Power: 45 kw
  • Speed ascent: approximately 50m / min (164 feet/min)
  • Speed descent: approximately 40m / min (131 feet/min)

Transport / Delivery

  • To anywhere in the world in two standard 40-foot containers

Standard installation or platform

  • Clear circular area, 48 to 60 meters in diameter 45° aeronautical cone left free of obstacles