An attraction that attracts more than one

The Aerophare is a unique architectural and technological innovation. With a height and volume comparable to the Tower of Pisa, it allows 12 passengers to fly every 5 minutes to a 17-storey building.

An advertising medium as big as a building

Giant Totem of the sky, the Aerophare has been thought to be seen by everyone at 360°, day and night. From its 54 meters, this metal structure hosting the balloon metamorphoses at sunset, to be visible from all roads for miles around. An attraction that can not be missed.

The balloon that makes your brand take off

A giant advertising balloon, the Aerophare is an opportunity for brands, offering them unprecedented visibility several kilometers away. A unique advertising space, with a readable message up to 1.5 km (1 mile).

Our advantages :

AEROPHARE, even in bad weather

The Aerophare can fly 350 days a year in Ile-de-France thanks to its resistance to bad weather and high winds (up to 70 km / h).

Modular advertising banners

It is possible to equip the captive balloon with three identical or different banners of 36 square meters each. The tarpaulin is legible between 500 meters and 1.5 kilometers away, and can be changed at any time, very easily.

A second skin

The main envelope can be covered by a double skin of 250 square meters, reinforcing the image that returns the visual display.

Technical characteristics :



  • Overall height: 54 meters (180 feet)
  • Total ground surface area: 157 m² (1700 sq feet)
  • Base area (Ø of the tower): Ø 11 meters (Ø 36 feet)
  • Balloon diameter: 9 meters (30 feet)
  • Gondola diameter: 2,20 meters (7 feet)


  • Tower: 44 tons
  • Balloon and flight equipment: 450 kg (900 pounds)
  • Gondola: 500 kg (1100 pounds)


  • Standing places: 12
  • Ascension height of passengers: 40 meters (130 feet)
  • Speed: approximately 40 m / min
  • Rotation: 0.5 rpm Drive system power: 3 x 9 kW
  • Number of cycles per hour: 12
  • Capacity (persons / hour): 144
  • Maximum tensile load: 2 tons
  • Resistance of the fabric: 1,200 kg / ml
  • Total ride time: 5 minutes
  • Max wind for payload lift: 70 km / h (44 mph)
  • Max wind for preventive deflation of the balloon: 110 km / h

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