Our history

Can you summarize, in a few lines, the genesis of this project? Where did you get this fascination with balloons, airships, and other flying objects?

Jérôme / I loved flying in a hot air balloon. I wanted to share my passion for the air with as many people as possible, without it costing them dearly.

Matthieu / We loved so much flying, that we had already set up our balloon club during our studies at École Polytechnique. So, at the exit of the Bridges and Roads, in 1993, we created the company: Aerophile was born!

What is Aerophile’s goal?
Which values ​​do you want to put forward?

Jérôme / We have a lot of fun installing our systems over sites that deserve to be discovered from the top and made accessible to all for a reasonable price. Our aerial vehicles really make it possible to discover the beauty of a site from the sky. In general, our customers always feel a little apprehensive before going up and are overcome by a feeling of beauty at the sight from above and then come down with a smile because they overcame a little fear in exchange for great joy while sharing this adventure with others.

Matthieu / The balloon is more than ever in the air. It is silent and non-polluting. It’s a unique way to discover your environment while respecting it. The balloon allows us to go further by equipping it with sensors that measure different pollutants of the air, to better understand and raise public awareness of this public health issue.

How do you envision Aerophile’s future?

Matthieu / We had the chance to install balloons in more than 40 countries, but there are still a lot of places to equip. The balloon is a way to sublimate the discovery of a site, and to make it more attractive. With our experience, we aim to equip new major tourist sites and discover new territories because we are convinced that it is in the interest of the sites and their visitors.

Jérôme / We are always looking to improve this experience of discovery from the sky in all its forms, with other types of vehicles for example. In 2008 we invented the Aerophare and then the Aerobar, our “aerial bar”, which was installed at the Futuroscope in 2013 and has since been installed at nearly fifteen sites around the world. We also created the Little Prince Park in 2014, an amusement park inspired by the works of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and located in Alsace.

We also work a lot on the theme of air quality. Since 2013 the Paris Generali balloon has been measuring air pollution in the capital, in collaboration with AirParif, the Paris City Hall, Generali and the CNRS. This research work has led us to launch our latest innovation in 2021: the Para-PM, an innovative air purifier, adapted to open or semi-open spaces. The Aerophiltre, the variation of this innovation as a depolluting urban furniture, has been selected by SOLIDEO (Société de Livraison des Ouvrages Olympiques) to equip the Place des Athlètes in 2024 in Saint Denis.

Key dates

The idea of ​​the captive balloon was born in the spirit of Jérôme Giacomoni and Matthieu Gobbi.
Jérôme Giacomoni and Matthieu Gobbi create Aerophile S.A. and start designing the first thethered balloon of modern times.
The first Aerophilic captive balloon takes off in Chantilly (France). Never, such a big gas balloon had been built for decades.
Three new Aerophile captive balloons have been installed in France, including the big Paris balloon operated by Aerophile.
Continuous innovation and a new captive balloon prototype is designed by Aerophile, the PanoraMagique, launched the same year at Disneyland Resort Paris.
The co-founders imagine a new captive balloon system for shopping malls, the Aerophare, which has a powerful metal structure for the ascent and descent of the balloon. That year also marked the launch of the first balloon operated in the United States at Orange County Great Park, near Los Angeles.
This is the launch of the Ballon Air de Paris, in partnership with the CNRS, to calculate in real time the air quality in Paris.
Aerophile's large tethered balloon launches in the United States, in the largest amusement park in the world: Walt Disney World Resort, in Orlando, Florida.
Jérôme Giacomoni and Matthieu Gobbi invented and launched the Aerobar, the first aerial bar in the world, installed at the Futuroscope to allow as many people as possible to enjoy this attraction. This year also marks the recovery of the Safari Park Balloon from the San Diego Zoo.
After the success of captive balloon operations, the co-founders finally opened their own amusement park, the Parc du Petit Prince, the first air park in the world, in Alsace.
Aerophile’s activities welcomed more than 500,000 visitors in 2017, and 200,000 visitors to the Petit Prince Park the same year.
Aerophile is working on a research and development project to test a new outdoor air purification system. It also took over the Angkor balloon in Cambodia and acquired a hotel and restaurants near the Parc du Petit Prince.
The Para-PM, an innovative system for capturing particulates matters, adapted to outdoor or semi-open spaces, is officially launched. This new generation air purifier has been selected by SOLIDEO (Société de Livraison des Ouvrages Olympiques) to equip the Place des Athlètes in 2024 in Saint-Denis.
"Liftoff," the first Aerobar in the United States, is located in Las Vegas within Area15. It will be followed by a second one in Biloxi, Mississippi, in early 2023.
Aerophile is celebrating its 30th anniversary! To date, the company has installed more than 120 balloons and 15 Aerobars in nearly 40 countries. Aerophile operates 6 sites and its own amusement park, and carries more than one million passengers each year.