Since 1994, the AEROPHILE company has always had the triple competence of designer, manufacturer and operator.

Not only has the AEROPHILE company sold about 120 balloons worldwide, but it also flies more than 500,000 passengers each year in the 7 tethered balloons that it manages. This experience is invaluable to always improve the quality and profitability of the AEROPHILE products.

Finally, the AEROPHILE company can also carry out a complete design-build-operate service for events such as the Olympic Games in Rio or the America’s Cup in Valencia.

Of all the balloons operated or sold by the AEROPHILE company, more than 15 million passengers have already flown.


Parc André Citroën

Paris, France. Tethered Balloon, 1999

Installed to celebrate the year 2000 at the request of the Paris City Hall, the Paris balloon at Parc André Citroën has stolen more than a million passengers! Popular with locals and tourists alike, it gives an unparalleled view of the capital. It is also an example of citizen engagement in favor of better air quality thanks to an unprecedented partnership between Paris City Hall, Air Parif, CNRS and Generali.


Aero Angkor Ballon

Temples d’Angkor Vat

Siem Reap, Cambodge. Tethered Balloon, 2003

World Heritage of Unesco for nearly 30 years, the temples of Angkor are one of the most famous sites in the world. The set of temples and archaeological ruins covers a gigantic surface that only the balloon can encompass in its entirety. The site has been completely abandoned for centuries, the lush nature is extremely present and the ball fits perfectly into this tranquil atmosphere bathed in spirituality.

Ballon d'Angkor Vat


Disney® Village

EuroDisney®, France. Tethered Balloon, 2005

This is the first thing we see when approaching DisneyLand® Paris. The Disney® Village balloon was the first to be installed over a body of water, further accentuating the magic of ballooning. It is adorned with the most charismatic flying characters in the Disney® universe (Tinker Bell, Buzz Lightyear, Peter Pan, Jasmine & Aladdin and Dumbo), to the delight of passengers!


City of Irvine

Orange County Great Park

Irvine, Californie. USA. Tethered Balloon, 2007

A former US Navy base, the Orange County Great Park has become a must-go green space in South Los Angeles. It hosts leisure activities, and public events of all kinds. Installed very early in the construction of the park, the balloon made it possible to follow the gigantic construction which spread over years. the balloon belongs to the City of Irvine and is operated by Aerophile California, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aerophile.


Aerophile Orlando

Disney® Springs

Orlando, Californie. USA. Tethered Balloon, 2009

In the heart of DisneyWorld®, Florida, Disney® Springs is a very active free recreational area also in the evening. The balloon is one of the iconic figures of this magical place where the magic of Disney® attracts millions of visitors every year. We discover from the balloon the whole resort, with these 7 amusement parks, and the landscape of Florida with a view that leads to Cape Canaveral.


Aerophile California

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

San Diego, USA. Tethered Balloon, 2013

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is home to and protects hundreds of species of protected animals. It is a reference in this area. The animals live there in semi-liberty in a vast valley where they coexist, for the majority, of free and serene way. The balloon fits naturally in this atmosphere very respectful of our ecosystem. it allows to admire the landscapes of Southern California, and the animals of the park.


Aeroprince, The King’s Balloon

Parc du Petit Prince

Ungersheim, France. Tethered Balloon, 2014

The Petit Prince Park is the first aerial park. Inspired by the work of Saint-Exupéry, the park chose the magic of the balloon and the Aerobar to allow its visitors to fly themselves. They can admire the park, and its surroundings, including the plain of Alsace and the mountains that border it.


Aeroprince, The Drinker’s Aerobar

Parc du Petit Prince

Ungersheim, France. Aerobar, 2014

A glass feet in the vacuum at 35m height in the company of other drinkers to discover Alsace, the Vosges, the Black Forest and far away the Alps.