AEROPHILE Group is very happy that the AEROLAF located in Parc Astérix (France) has been elected in the Top 10 of the Europe's Best New Rides for the European Star Award 2018 in  IAAPA Amsterdam!



5 Aerobars in 12 months on 5 continents!

The first Aerobar in the world was installed in 2013 at the Futuroscope, 2018 beats all records with 70 000 passengers for the season!

The already famous Aerolaf Parc Astérix proves with its unique design that it is possible to thematize the Aerobars!

Aerobars are found all over the world: in Dubai with the Flying Cup on the beach; in Korea with the Space Tower and its lights; in Mexico with the Tulum Tower overlooking the ruins and the ocean and it is in Dalian, China that currently our latest Aerobar, with its revolving gondola at 35 meters high for a perfect 360 degree view!


Located in "La Isla", a brand new shopping center, the balloon offers a unique view of the city of Merida.


You can now discover Antalya from an Aerophile's balloon!

NL Antalya Turkey


In Epernay, the capital of Champagne welcomes a new captive balloon in the city center!

This aerial view makes it possible to follow the progress of the grape, from the vineyards to the famous cellars ... a glass of Champagne in hand!


The Orlando's balloon, operated by Aerophile in Disney Springs at Walt Disney Wold, is the world first ever aerostat wich flies more than 1 000 000 passengers!

Orlando : more than 1 000 000 passengers!


We are very pleased to announce that Aerophile has taken over the operation of the Angkor Wat Balloon!

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the temples of Angkor Wat are certainly the most prestigious destination in Asia. The balloon, located less than one kilometer from the entrance of the main temple offers a new, peaceful and respectful point of view of this site bathed in spirituality!


We will present the latest development of our 2 products : the tethered balloon AERO30NG and the AEROBAR!


The Aerobar around the world, this year 4 more locations!


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