Our flight events aboard captive balloons

(Français) Rio 2016
SKOL ball in Rio for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

From April 1st, 2007 to the beginning of July 2007, an AERO30NG was lighting up the skies above the port of Valencia, during the America's Cup. This aerostat thus was offering visitors to this fabulous competition a beautiful and unique view over the aquatic contests in which all the world's top yachtsmen and navigators are engaged 150 metres below.

This AERO30NG is decorated with the colours of the 32nd America's Cup and its mains sponsors by means of a system of three printed banners each measuring 150m².
Exhibition 2002 Neuchâtel - Switzerland
First balloon under water with the "Aeronest", installed in 2002 in Neuchatel (Switzerland) for the Expo02 event.
Fortis Balloon - Paris (FRANCE)
Since July 1st 1999 and until 2001, the world’s largest balloon has flown over Paris to celebrate the entrance into the new millenium.

This project came to life thanks to the partner Fortis, an international bank-insurance group, the City of Paris, in harmony with their Paris 2000 mission, and Aérophile S.A.

The project magically unites one of Paris’s largest parks (intermixing modern architecture with an homage to nature) with a clean and silent balloon (symbol of weightlessness and contemplation). Attractive and esthetic in itself, the park houses one of the most fantastic Parisian attractions, besides the Eiffel Tower.
Aero2 - Fortis Tour
In 2001 Fortis Insurance used an Aero 2 for a promotional tour of nine major French cities. The Aero 2 was flown for a period of 5 days at each event for publicity, corporate entertainment, and rides for public and staff alike. The media impact was incredible with each promotion getting widespread brand coverage on Radio, TV and Print. In each city, use of the Aero 2 led to a significant increase in leads for the sales staff to follow. The balloon also had an excellent impact on internal networking within Fortis, as the various branches worked and co-operated on a common project. Its success was way beyond company expectations.

Most importantly the Aero 2 stimulated a large amount of business, as staff were able to initiate the sale of many policies on site at each event.

Aero2 - "Balloon fiesta" in Albuquerque (USA)
The Aero2 can cross the Atlantic Ocean! It was present during the biggest world event of flight in hot-air balloon in Albuquerque ( New Mexico), in October 2001.
Aero2 - Danao Tour
In 2002, to launch their new product Danao Apple/Pear, Danone used an Aero 2 with a custom designed cover for a summer tour. Four major seaside resorts were selected by the marketing agency (Pro Déo) in charge of the month long promotion.
Despite being plagued by bad weather, the balloon operated for more than 90% of the total event duration, and managed to achieve all the targets set by Pro Déo for the tour, in terms of brand recognition, sales impetus, press coverage and marketing momentum.

Aero2 - Match TV
Match TV tour in several cities of France.
Aero2 - Ericsson Balloon - Zurich (SWITZERLAND)
Two Aero2 for Ericsson event in Zurich (Switzerland)
Côte d'Or Balloon - Lille (FRANCE)
Balloon Côte-d'Or in the Big Fair of Lille.
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