Aerophile Group

Founded in 1993, AEROPHILE aims to allow everyone to rise into the air for a reasonable price.

- World leader of the tethered balloon with  nearly 80 balloons sold in 30 countries.
- World leader in balloon flights with 7 balloons operated by AEROPHILE : Paris, Disneyland Paris and "Parc du Petit Prince" in France; Walt Disney World in Orlando, Orange County Great Park and San Diego Zoo Safari Park in California.... 500 000 passengers flown every year in its own operations.
- Inventor of the Aerophare and the Aerobar first flying Food-Tainment.
- Inventor of the Balloon Generali, flying laboratory, and first indicator of air quality simultaneously seen by 400,000 people.
- Creator of the Parc du Petit Prince, the theme park inspired by the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

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Keys dates


The return of the Ballon Generali de Paris!

All the details here:



The progress of the Aerobar:

After several years of success and other examples installed in the US, Morocco and France, the Aerobar triumphs this year internationally: 5 Aerobars on 5 continents!



Resumption of exploitation of the most spiritual of our balloon: Angkor Wat!



The Ballon d'Orlando celebrates its 1,000,000th passenger!

The Orlando Ball, operated by Aérophile at Disney Springs for Walt Disney World since 2009, is the first aerostat in the world to fly more than a million passengers!


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In Epernay, the capital of Champagne welcomes a new captive balloon in the city center! This aerial view makes it possible to follow the progress of the grapes, from the vineyards to the famous cellars.



In Turkey, you can now discover Antalya from an Aerophilic balloon!

NL Antalya Turkey


A new ball in Mexico!

Located in "La Isla", a brand new shopping center, the balloon offers a unique view of the city of Merida!



IAAPA Amsterdam 2018: Aerolaf was chosen and listed in the Top 10 best European Attractions News!

Aérolaf, the 5th Aerobar installation of the year, is the first totally themed and adapted to the Parc Astérix style.


Double blow to the Caribbean!

Installation of two new balloons in the Caribbean: Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) and Jayuya (Puerto Rico).

News Letter Caraibes 2017
Installation of Suwon balloon (South Korea) and Punta Cana balloon (Dominic Republican)

Installation of the SKOL balloon in Rio for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Newsletter August 2016

The sixth balloon in operation in France opens to the public in Terra Botanica near Angers. The adventure starts here!

The third Aerobar has been installed in Morocco in the new amusement park Sindipark in Casablanca.

The first AEROPHARE of the United States has been installed in Branson in Missouri.

Newsletter June 2015

Opening of the Parc du Petit Prince in Alsace, first aerial park in the world in Ungersheim, Alsace, France.

23 hectares, 32 attractions, 2 tethered balloons, 1 Aerobar, wave swinger, 2 giant labyrinths, 3 movie theaters from 60 to 500 seat, ...and plenty of animals.
Launch of the BAlloonWalk in the San Diego Zoo Safari Park (California), operated by Aerophile

Installation of the balloon of Paris, the atmospheric Observer Generali, operated by Aerophile.

Opening of the Aerobar, the first flying bar at the Futuroscope.
Launch of Wonder of Flight in Tennesse
First jump of parachutists in YEMEN from the AERO30PARA.

Launch of the Characters in Flight balloon in the world biggest amusment park : the "Walt Disney World Resort " (Florida), operated by Aerophile.
Launch of the Air de Paris balloon, the first aerostatic indicator of the air quality in Paris, operated by Aerophile. Opening of the second AEROPHARE in Parinor biggest shopping center of the North of Paris, operated by Aerophile.
Launch of the large Great Park balloon in California, operated Aerophile.
Installation and opening of the first AEROPHARE in Evry2 operated by Aerophile.
First internally illuminated balloon in Singapore
Launch of the large PanoraMagique balloon, operated byAerophile, at Disneyland Resort Paris, first 8-point Aero30
Jérôme GIACOMONI and Matthieu GOBBI started to developp the new project of AEROPHARE
First tethered balloon on a water-based platform in Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Creation of the Aero2 mobile tethered balloon
Launch of the large Paris balloon operated by Aerophile.
First flight at 300 metres altitude and first remote winch in Beaune (France)
First large tethered balloon of modern times in Chantilly (France,)
Creation of AEROPHILE S.A. by Jérôme GIACOMONI and Matthieu GOBBI, both aged 25
The idea of the large tethered balloon was born in Jérôme GIACOMONI and Matthieu GOBBI's minds
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